Chips Warmer (SCW-310)

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Product Description

A chips Warmer from Shiva Kitchen Pvt. Ltd. is guaranteed to deliver top quality nachos and tortilla chips being protected from dust and ill effects of oil. Neutral heating system makes the fresh chips come out of the oven that are expected to be totally free from cold spots and marks of burn. At a time the appliance can produce a good amount of warm and fresh baked chips. Easy to operate and easy to clean this very appliance is light in weight and can be shifted easily according to need. Though serves users immensely but the appliances price is pretty reasonable.

Technical features:
  • Model : SCW-310
  • Dimensions : 330×560×500 mm
  • Power : 1 kW
  • Volts : 220-240 V
  • Weight : 8.5 kg