Display Food Warmer (SFW-DH-2P)

  • Description

Product Description

The lights weight and portable Food Warmer is nothing but an intelligent showcase that keeps food hot and fresh for long and make them easily accessible by the customers. The curved panel enabled food warmer is good to keep at food joints and other eateries like hotels and restaurants. The clear glass guard helps the customers in getting a clear view of the food items they are looking for. Thermostatic control lets the user in keeping the temperature fixed as per requirement. Both liquid and solid food items can be kept in these particular type of showcase. Moderate price and reasonable current consumption makes the whole system cost effective for the user.

Technical features:
  • Model : SFW-DH-2P
  • Power : 1.2 kW
  • Voltage : 220 – 240 V
  • Dimensions : 660 x 500 x 620 mm
  • Net Weight : 27 kg