Dough Sheeter (STSP-520)

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Product Description


A Dough Sheeter is one of the must have products that the commercial kitchens keep. Not only commercial kitchens but busy bakeries also rely on this particular mechanism when it comes to delivering precisely sheeted dough in a consistent and continuous way. The very kitchen appliance is engineered in a way so that it can last long being durable and heavy duty. It is an important mechanism that is capable of processing a vivid range of dough. Consuming less electricity, the appliance works as a cost effective option for the user.

Technical features:
  • Model : STSP-520
  • Voltage : 220/380 v
  • Power : 0.75 Kw
  • Net weight : 250 kg
  • Frequency : 50HZ
  • Roller Speed : 133r/min
  • Dimensions : 2430 x 875 x 650 mm