Electric Salamander (SES-AT-936)

Electric Salamander (SES-AT-936)

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Product Description

Shiva Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd. brings Electric Salamander that is light in weight and trendy in looks. The cooking appliance is an ideal piece of technology that grills and roasts slices of meat along with chops and steaks without producing external heat and smoke unlike the grillers or ovens. An electric salamander is very easy to use and easy to carry thus the commercial kitchens prefer to use it in their busy schedules to serve the customers in a faster way. It is an energy saving cooking appliance that efficiently saves cost eventually.

Technical features:

Model : SES-AT-936
Dimensions : 770 X 390 X 400 mm
Voltage : 220 - 240 V
Power : 2.0 Kw
Net weight : 13 kg