Hot Display Counter (SHD-DH-1P)

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Product Description

To serve people with hot and tasty food items, there is no substitute of using a Hot Display Counter. In the eateries that allow the customers to go through the available food items directly apart from going through the menu card. Not only small food joints or eateries, many restaurants, bakeries, confectionery stores also use this showcase extensively. A hot display counter gets made in a way so that it can suit the space and appearance of all types of eateries. Runs in electric along with minimum maintenance cost, this showcase can be availed in moderate pricing.

Technical features:
  • Model : SHD-DH-1P
  • Power : 850 W
  • Voltage : 220V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions : 350 x 425 x 500 mm
  • Net Weight : 16 kg
  • Temp. : Hot ( Thermostatic Control )