Ice Cream Display Freezer (SKEPL-ICDF)


Ice Cream Display Freezer (SKEPL-ICDF)

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Product Description

Curved and defogger glass slide design, suitable air flow, double air curtain, and foam based walling are the prime features of an Ice Cream Display Freezer. The outer body can be availed in stainless steel. The manual temperature and defrosting system makes it easier or the user to run the cooling system according to his need. The showcase is ideal for keeping all types of ice creams and gelatos during all seasons of a year. The space the counter provides with LED lighting is also good to keep a moderate number of ice creams. The energy efficient freezer cum showcase enabled with acrylic branding light box can be bought in real reasonable price.

Technical features:
  • Model: SKEPL-ICDF
  • Dimension: 1280 x 1180 x 1240
  • Temp: 18 ~ -24°C
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Defogger glass, free from mist
  • Double air curtain design, fast freezing
  • Inner LED lighting
  • Custom arcylic branding light box.