Refrigeration Cabinet Display

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Product Description

A Two-layer adjustable Chromeplate shelves  Display Showcase with Digital Controller of 100 Litre is not only a necessity for food joints but as it provides immense benefits; they get kept in huge departmental stores as well. The name of the product itself suggests that the appliance has four doors, an aspect that makes it easily accessible. The refrigeration makes the display showcase to make food products appear in public in their perfect and fresh form. The glass doors actually help the display to be accurate. Foods of almost every sort can be kept in it. Though profitable in many aspects, the appliance is easy to afford.

Technical features:
  • Model: SKEPL-RCD-C100 L-REF
  • Temperature: 0- 12° C
  • Dimensions : 68.2 x 45 x 67.5 cm
  • Power: 160 W
  • Net weight: 57 kgs