Rotatory Toaster ( SRT-TT-150)

  • Description

Product Description

To help up the chefs in commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels and snack bars, and especially in bakeries, this Rotatory Toaster is a good appliance to use. This self stand appliance is made of stainless steel and portable in size. It is a highly productive bakery appliance that can cut up to 180 slices of bread in every hour. This energy efficient Toaster is easily available in a price that is obviously friendly to one’s budget.

Technical features:
  • Model : SRT-TT-150
  • Dimensions : 418×288×387 mm
  • Power : 1.34kW
  • Volts : 220-240V
  • Output : 150-180 Slices of Bread/1hr
  • Weight : 20kg