Single Temp. One Door Refrigerator(188L) (S-DIS-1002)

Single Temp. One Door Refrigerator(188L) (S-DIS-1002)

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Product Description

Single Temp. One Door Showcase that is of 188L capacity is a high end appliance that carries a heavy load of products in order to keep them fresh and perfect. The thick foam layers keep the insulation system of the machine perfect. The appearance and design of the very showcase is pretty simple being affixed with clear glass that gives a proper view of the inside. Reliable energy consuming one door showcase is really cost effective and it is popular among users as it produces lesser noise than the other appliances of its sort.

Technical features:

• Product Code : S-DIS-1002
• Size : 540 x 520 x 1685 MM
• Volume : 188 Lit
• Weight : 58 Kg
• Voltage/frequency : 220V / 50Hz
• Input Power : 230 W
• Power Consumption : 1.1 (Kw.h/24h)
• Temp. : Refrigeration – 0~10° C

Regulating temperature up to needs, freezing effectively.
Insulating glass design: Good insulation performance and well displaying.
Extra-thick foam layer: Using high-density insulation materials and high-pressure injection of foam materials to realize good insulation.
Caste: Flexible and reliable.
Efficient cooling: Wide cooling area and uniform temperature inside.
Energy-saving lamps: Nice presentation in 24 hours.
Brand compressor: Low noise, energy-saving and stable performance.
Quality evaporator: Refrigerating whole inside area; durable and fast cooling.
Basin: Convenient and practical.