Vegetable Cutter (SVC-MFC-23)

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Product Description

This electric vegetable cutter is an efficient kitchen appliance that cuts a goof amount of vegetables at a single time without killing the nutrition values of them anyway. This machine has capacity to cut vegetables up to 120kg in a single hour. This appliance cuts all the vegetables in a precise manner maintaining the professional aspects. In huge hotels and restaurants this vegetable cutters are considered as must have items. It consumes less energy thus turns out to be cost effective.

Technical features:
  • Model : SVC-MFC-23
  • Voltage : 220v
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Power : 0.25kw
  • Disc diameter : 204mm
  • Production capacity : 120kg/h
  • Dimension : 275x580x455mm
  • Weight : 30kg